• Sarah Obermeyer, CNM Birth Kit

Sarah Obermeyer, CNM Birth Kit

Birth Kit Includes:

1x Sterifeed cord ring
1x Infant Heel Lancet, Tenderfoot
1x Infant paper tape measure 24"
1x Gauze sponge sterile 4x4 12 ply 12 2pk
6x Gauze sponge sterile 4x4 Non-woven
1x Oral digital thermometer 30 sec. response
2x Mesh Panties Unisize
12x Maternity Pads 11" 
1x Freezer bag 1 gallon
1x Lube jelly 2 oz flip top
1x Miltex EX Enzyme cleaner
1x Sterilization pouch 5.25x10
1x Sterilization pouch 8x16
1x 8oz peribottle with lid
1x 3oz bulb syringe ear
6x Latex glove exam single, sterile, medium
4x Latex glove surgical pair size 7.5



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