Our Story

Our Simply Birth Story...

On the verge of leaving adolescence and moving into adulthood, we welcomed our daughter Dylyn Rose. As new parents, we didn't know what to expect, but she settled into our lives like she had been there forever. Her birth was one of those life moments that changed us forever.
Dylyn Rose made us parents and through her birth we have been abundantly blessed. However, through her birth we also came to understand how medicalized birth is made to be in our country.
I ended up with an unnecessary cesarean section which left me frantically asking "How can I help women have a different experience than what I just had?" 
Immediately following Dylyn's first birthday, I dove head first into learning about birth. 
I was determined to find a way to support women through the births that they wanted. What is 'right' for individual families varies greatly. I've witnessed hundreds of women birth their babies- in hospitals, homes, and birth centers. Each birth sacred, each birth unique.   I've educated couples and encouraged them to find and select options that work best for their family. I've provided support and guidance to thousands of moms and their baby's with breastfeeding.
My profession has blessed me as abundantly as becoming a parent has. 
The birth of our second child, River, came in the middle of my journey to midwifery. His birth in our garden jacuzzi under the stars of a warm summer night only further ignited my passion for help families through birth and breastfeeding.
Since 2003, our family has been deeply rooted in supporting my life's mission as a doula, childbirth educator, lactation consultant and midwife. My husband is, and always will be, my greatest supporter. 
Because of our involvement in birth and breastfeeding, Simply Birth was the next natural extension for our family and for the families we serve. With Simply Birth, we now can support fellow midwives so that they can get their clients the right supplies and assist in their births. 
Simply Birth isn’t a just our family business. It's a woven tapestry of wisdom. Wisdom that has been passed down from generations before. Simple Birth is a collection of resources for women, midwives, doulas, sisters and friends.
When you shop Simply Birth, you shop from a family run, small business. You shop from a business who is truly passionate about what they do. You shop from a family who is real, not from a big corporation. A family whose only goal is figuring how how we can benefit and add tremendous, genuine value, to each midwife, woman and family we work with.

Our Family...

The four individuals in our family are fueled and nourished by two things. Nature & People. Our happy place might be the warm turquoise of the caribbean, a bustling French city or under a thick knit blanket together for a cozy movie night. 
We mindfully carry through life with intention and compassion, always giggling. Laughter creeps out of our home loudly (just ask our neighbors). Our two children, Dylyn and River, might grow fins one day from all of the swimming they do. Their love for water is palpable. 
Sundays are our favorite day of the week, the morning is spent cuddled under our white duvet cover with coffee in hand. Evenings are often spent chasing the sunsets of the Pacific Ocean.
Chance brought Darren and I together in the 7th grade and reconnected us in Irvine by way of England and Colorado. It was meant to be this partnership, this friendship, this love.
Thank you for allowing us into your lives with Simply Birth. 
From our family to your family with love,
Lindsey, Darren, Dylyn & River