• Wish Garden Powder Cord Care

Wish Garden Powder Cord Care

*This is a Birth Practitioner Only Formula. You must be a birth practitioner or have the recommendation from your birth practitioner to purchase. Please put your midwife's name in the notes section at takeout if this is an a la carte order. *


Wish Garden Herbs Herbal Cord Care powder quickly disinfects, dries & protects newborn umbilical cord. Can also be used on any skin problem or inflammation that needs drying, disinfecting and healing. Has been used successfully on bedsores.

Herbal Cord Care Ingredients
Goldenseal root and Oregon Grape root dusting powders.

Apply to cord stump as needed.


*Please note... a small study based on mice and a large amount of goldenseal that was consumed and caused cancer, has in turn made us be required to put Prop 65 warnings on this product. We DO NOT recommend consuming goldenseal, only use as directed for drying and healing of the umbilical cord. For more information on this study... Please visit the study link here. *

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