• Wish Garden Afterease 2oz.

Wish Garden Afterease 2oz.

Wish Garden Herbs AfterEase is an herbal formula of uterine relaxants designed to dramatically ease afterbirth pains for most women. Afterbirth pains become increasingly common the more often a woman gives birth, but can be present after any birth. Use prophylactically or build up to adequate dosage for significant symptom relief in the moment. Women have reported that it is the only thing they carry around from room to room with them besides their new baby.

AfterEase Ingredients
Crampbark, Black Haw bark, Yarrow flower, & Motherwort leaf extracted into approx. 55% grain alcohol & Rocky Mtn. spring water.

Suggested Use
2-4 dropperfuls in water. Repeat if needed for desired effect.

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