• Roots Collaborative Care - Erin Padilla, LM, CPM

Roots Collaborative Care - Erin Padilla, LM, CPM

Birth kits for clients of Roots Collaborative Care- Erin Padilla, LM, CPM

Birth Kit Contains:

25x Underpads 23x36
1x 2 oz Bulb Syringe 
1x Emesis Bag
8x Guaze 4x4 12 ply 2 pack
3x Sterile glove pair small  aloe touch
6x Sterile glove single small aloe touch
5x Lube jelly packets 5gram
1x Muslin bag 4x6
1x 10 second thermometer
1x Infant cap unbleached
1x Peri bottle
8x Sanitary briefs (Please select size below)
12x Maternity pads
2x Poly backed sheets 40x90
1x Sterile Field
1x Wish Garden Piostpartum Sitz bath
2x Sterilization pouch 5.25x10
1x Measuring tape paper
1x Miltex ez zyme 
1x BPA free stainless steel reusable straw
1x Mesh pants
4x Alcohol prep pad
25x Restore exam gloves small
1x Amniotest swab
1x Cotton Umbilical Cord Tape, Sterile


Waterbirh Kit
1x BPIAB Mini Eco Pool liner 
1x Pool debris net 


Optional Items

Eldon Card
Infant Heel Test Kit (Erin asks that if you are doing the Newborn Screening Test, please purchase at least 3 the Neatnick Lancets.)
Bio-K Mulsion 1oz.
Preservative-Free Pre-Loaded Injectable Vitamin K
Arnica 30x Pellets
Wish Garden Afterease
Lansinoh Nipple Cream
Garden Hose 25ft./50ft. 
Faucet Adapter/Shower Adapter