• Next Generation Midwifery- Ariana Cohen, LM, CPM

Next Generation Midwifery- Ariana Cohen, LM, CPM

Custom birth kits for clients of Next Generation Midwifery, Ariana Cohen, LM CPM

Birth kit contains: 

1x Reusable pad 34x36
2x Poly backed sheets 40x90

20x Underpads 30x30 deluxe
5x Depends style pull-ups 

1x All-size mesh pants

1x Box of Natracare Maternity Pads

7x Sterile 4x4 gauze sponges
4x Alcohol prep pads
 - medium
4x Sterile lube jelly 5g packets

1x BPA free reusable stainless steel straw
1x 8 oz Peri bottle

1x Hibiclens scrub brush

5x Sterile gloves, Aloetouch pairs -Medium

8x Sterile gloves, Aloetouch singles -Medium

4x Sterile gloves, Aloetouch singles -Small
2x Sterile gloves, Aloetouch pairs -Small
2x Paper trash bags

2x White 13 gallon trash bags

2x 1 Gallon Ziplock bags
1x Paper towel
1x Kleenprint footprinter

1x Sterifeed Cord Ring
1x 8oz Hydrogen peroxide

1x Wishgarden sitz bath
1x Wishgarden After-ease 1oz tincture
1x Wishgarden Happy Ducts 1 oz tincture