• Herblore Rescue Remedy

Herblore Rescue Remedy

Rescue Remedy is a flower essence blend that is extremely helpful to ease any stressful situation. Flower Essences work on the emotional body, like herbs work on the physical body. It has a calming and centering effect and is useful for any upset, anxiety or trauma (either physical or emotional), including panic attacks, accidents or injuries.

Rescue Remedy is also extremely helpful during labor and birth, especially at transition, where labor can be especially intense.  Rescue Remedy is useful for so many things that it is commonly referred to "911 in a bottle"!

It is safe for use by all - newborns, adults (including pregnant and nursing women), pets and plants too! One client used this extensively in her early nursing days and reported "I would put a few drops on my nipple, which helped me with the pain, and gave my daughter a reference point to find the nipple. She would then get the Rescue Remedy in her mouth, which would calm her down enough to really latch on and we would have a successful nurse! It's great stuff!"

$ 8.95