• Herb Lore Itch Relief Tincture

Herb Lore Itch Relief Tincture

This combination has proven helpful for clients experiencing skin itching (sometimes severe) during pregnancy (PUPPS or Cholestasis for example). This is a highly uncomfortable and irritating complaint, and they have gotten great relief when using this herbal combination. It may take a week or two to achieve best results, but it is by far a more effective and longer-lasting solution than any type of topical preparation.  We have had many customers, in danger of being induced due to this issue, take this combination and do so well that their induction is cancelled and they go on to carry their babies to term, in comfort and free of any itching or other related symptoms or complaints.

 Although this combination was formulated for itching during pregnancy, it is also extremely effective for general itchiness, skin rashes and irritation in anyone!

Herb Lore's Itch Relief Tincture contains Milk Thistle Seed, Dandelion Root, Yellow Dock Root and Nettle Leaf. 

Note: A 2oz. bottle is a two week supply, and a 4oz. bottle will last about a month.  The longer this product is used, the better the results will be.  Long-term use is fine and even recommended.

$ 19.90