• Earthside Midwifery, Michelle Rey, BS, MA, LM, CPM

Earthside Midwifery, Michelle Rey, BS, MA, LM, CPM

Custom Birth Kit for clients of Michelle Rey, BS, MA, LM, CPM

Homebirth Kit

30x Underpads 23x36
2x Sterilization pouch
1x Iodine Prep Solution 4oz bottle
1x Goldenseal Root Powder 0.25 oz
1x Infant paper measuring tape
1x 30 sec digital thermometer
1x Sterifeed Cord Ring
1x Peri Bottle with lid
1x 3 oz Bulb Syringe
1x 4 oz Tube Lubricating jelly
1x Vinyl Tarp 108x144
6x alcohol prep pads Large
2x 30 Gallon Trash bags 
2x Gallon Freezer Bags
1x Miltex enzyme cleaner
6x Sterile Gauze pads 4x4
3x AloeTouch Pair Sterile Exam Gloves size Medium 
12x AloeTouch Non-Sterile Exam Gloves Size Medium
2x Adult Sanitary Diaper, Depends Style (select size below)
1x Pool Debris Net
1x La Bassine Maxi Liner


Optional Items: 
Dr. Christophers Birth Prep
Eco Friendly / Lead Free Hose (25ft or 50ft)
Hose Adapter Shower  *Please note that your shower is the faster way to fill your birth tub* 
Hose Adapter Sink Faucet
Eldon Card Blood Typing Test Kit
Placenta Basin, 6 qt.