• Birthroot Midwifery - Astrid Grove Birth Kit

Birthroot Midwifery - Astrid Grove Birth Kit

Custom birth kit for clients of Birthroot Midwifery

Birth Kit Contains:
1x DeLee Mucus Trap, 8 Fr Catheter
20x Underpad 23" x 36"
2x Peach OB Pad, Contoured
2x Ziploc Freezer Bag 1gal.
3x Flex Straw 7 3/4"
4x Alcohol Prep Pad Medium 2ply
3x Lube Jelly Sterile 5gram packet
1x 2oz. Bulb Syringe Ear
9x Gauze Sponge Sterile 4"x4" 12ply 2pk
1x Scrub Brush Sterile Hibiclens
20x Accutouch Synthetic Exam Gloves, Non Sterile, Medium
6x Aloetouch Glove Exam Singles, Sterile, Medium
4x Aloetouch Glove Exam Pairs, Sterile, Medium
1x 8oz. Peri Bottle w/ Lid
2x Mesh Pants Deluxe Unisize
1x Welcome Home Certificate Trillium
1x Kleenprint Foot Printer
2x Vitalyte Drink Mix - Stick Pack - Variety
1x Umbilical Cord Tape
Optional Items:
Postpartum Kit
Pool Disposable Eco Liner - Small
Bio-K Mulsion 1oz

 All birth kits come packed in a custom Simply Birth premium non-woven polypropylene bag that is reusable for grocery shopping and more

$ 53.75