• A Mother's Choice - Demetra Seriki, CPM

A Mother's Choice - Demetra Seriki, CPM

Custom Birth Kit for A Mother's Choice - Demetra Seriki, CPM

10x Chux 23 x 24
10x Chux 23 x 36
10x Chux 30 x 36
1x Underpad Super Poly 27 x 70
1x Paper Towel
2x Paper Poly Backed Sheet
1x Cord Clamp
2x Amniotest Swabs
1x 3/0 CT-2 Suture
1x 4/0 CT Suture
1x Amniocot
1x Hydrogen Peroxide
1x Witch Hazel
1x Olive Oil 4oz
2x Vitalyte
2x Oxytocin 10 Units
2x Misoprostol tablets
2x Mesh Panties
2x Gauze Sponge sterile 4x4 tray of 10
2x Freezer bag gallon size
1x Biohazard waste trash bag 15 gallon
1x Black Trash Bag large
4x Women's Pull-up Depends Style
4x Alcohol Swabs Large
6x Lubricating Jelly Packets
2x Straws
1x Miltex
4x Peach OB pad contoured
1x Natracare maternity pads
2x Emesis Bag
1x Fracture Pan
1x Perineal Cold Pad Deluxe w/adhesive
1x Peri Bottle
1x 2oz Bulb Syringe
2x Disposable Pillow Case
1x Vinyl Tarp
4x Aloetouch sterile pairs - size medium

Waterbirth Kit:
1x Hose / sink or shower faucet adapter (please specify) 
1x Pool debris net
1x Eco friendly water hose (25 foot or 50 foot, please specify)
4x Shoulder length gloves 35"

Your midwife highly recommends these items for your postpartum period:
And these items for Breastfeeding:

All birth kits come packed in a custom Simply Birth premium non-woven polypropylene bag that is reusable for grocery shopping and more