• Alumbra Midwifery - Angela Leon LM, CPM

Alumbra Midwifery - Angela Leon LM, CPM

Custom birth kit for clients of Alumbra Midwifery - Angela Leon, LM, CPM

Homebirth Kit: 

15x Underpad 30" x 36"
5x Underpad 23" x 36"
1x Poly Backed Sets 40"x90"
1x Vinyl Sheet 108"x144"
4x Gauze Sponge Sterile 4"x4" Non-Woven 2pk
1x Gauze Sponge Sterile 4"x4" 12ply 10's Tray
1x 8oz. Peri Bottle w/ Lid
1x 1oz. Bulb Syringe Ear
2x Flex Straw 7 3/4"
1x Hydrogen Peroxide 16oz
4x Aloetouch Glove Exam Pairs, Sterile, Medium
100x Vinyl Gloves, Aloetouch 3G, Powder-Free, Non Sterile, Medium
1x Goldenseal Root Herb powder
2x Freezer Bag 1gal.
1x Infant Cap Unbleached
1x Intimate Solutions PeriClens
4x Lube Jelly Sterile 5gram packet
4x Cold Pack DLX w/adhesive
1x Plastic Sitz Bath Disposable
2x Trash Bag 30 Gallon plastic
1x Mesh Pants Deluxe Unisize
1x Paper Towel Roll
2x Sterifeed Cord Ring    
1x DeLee Mucus Trap, 8 Fr Catheter
1x Almond Oil Bottle 4oz.
2x pH Swab Sterile
1x Miltex Ez Zyme Enzyme Packet
1x Amnihook
1x 2-0 vicryl suture
1x 3-0 vicryl suture
1x digital thermometer 
1x 4oz bottle of povidone
4x Adult Depends Style Diapers
1x Generic Small Birth Pool Liner
1x Pool Debris Net
2x Sterile Fields
4x Super Sani-Cloths

Waterbirth Kit: 

1x Birth Pool In a Box Regular/Mini liner
1x Eco Friendly Hose (please select 25ft or 50ft below)
1x Hose Adapter (please select type below)
1x Pool Debris Net

Optional Items:

Preservative Free Injectable Vitamin K
Bio-K Oral Vitamin K
Postpartum Kit
WishGarden Afterease 1oz.
WishGarden Afterbirth Sitzbath

All birth kits come packed in a custom Simply Birth premium non-woven polypropylene bag that is reusable for grocery shopping and more.