• Momma's Natural Birth - Donna Blythe

Momma's Natural Birth - Donna Blythe

Custom birth kits for clients of Momma's Natural Birth:
Donna Blythe

Birth Kit Contains: 

10x Chux 23x24
10x Chux 23x36
10x Chux 30x 36
1x Under Pad Super poly 27x70
1x Paper towel
2x Paper poly backed sheet 
1x Sterile Umbilical Cord clamp 
1x Hydrogen peroxide 16oz
1x Witch Hazel 16oz
1x Olive Oil 4oz 
1x Vitalyte
2x Misoprostol Tablets 200mcg
1x Amnicot 
2x Mesh Panties Deluxe Unisize
2x Gauze Sponge Sterile 4x4 tray of 10
5x Avant Gauze 4x4 sterile - Non woven
2x Freezer Bags Gallon Size
5x Alcohol Swabs
5x Lubricating Jelly packets 5g
2x Straws
1x Miltex
4x Peach OB pad contoured
1x Natracare Maternity Pads
2x emesis bags
1x Perineal cold pack
1x 3 oz bulb syringe
4x Aloetouch sterile pairs -size medium 
2x Aloe touch Glove Exam singles sterile size Medium
1x Infant heel test kits with 2x Tenderfoot Heel lancets
1x Kleenprint footprinter
1x 24" paper measure tape
1x Eldon Card -Blood typing Kit
1x pH Swab Sterile

$ 87.00